Strasbourg Tiny Tots and Helping Hands Daycare Inc., in Strasbourg, SK, opened January 8, 2007.  We believe in providing a safe, secure, loving and healthy environment for your children.  We strive to promote social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of every child. Our goal is to provide a stable and caring environment to ensure that both the parents and children feel comfortable and at home with us.  We will also provide a basic preschool program targeting children from 2 to 5 years of age, in which simple learning skills will be encouraged.  At Strasbourg Tiny Tots and Helping Hands Daycare Inc., we encourage parents and families to join in activities when they feel they would like to.  We want families to be part of the child’s daycare life so the child in our care feels a comfortable flow and transition from the care at home to the care at daycare.

Tiny Tots and Helping Hands Daycare Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality childcare services to the families in Strasbourg, SK and surrounding communities.

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